Teaching Clay – A Wonderful Craft For You and Your Children

If you are a mother who simply can’t find anything exciting to entertain your kids with, you are not alone. After day in and day out of trying to find unique things for the kids to do, it seems as if your brain has been dislodged of all creative ideas. Well look no further than working with clay. Working with clay is a great way for kids to use the artistic parts of their brains and will also require a little imagination. If your kids are beginners, a great way to start them off is with teaching clay.

You can start off by simply giving your kids a slab of modeling clay and letting them have at it. See what kids of neat shapes they can mold and remold again. You might want to keep your digital camera at the ready because you’ll just never know what great piece they might sculpt one minute and then demolish the next. Once they get the hang of working with the clay, you can challenge them a little by cutting out pictures from a catalog and having them try to recreate the image in clay. For instance, you might pick out a cute cartoon dog and have them try to get as close as they can to the dogs likeness.

Once your kids get a little more into the clay sculpting, you should switch them over to regular clay. Have them create whatever fun sculptures that they would like and pick a couple of their very favorites. You can then let the pieces air dry and then have the kids paint their sculptures with some acmi glazes. Once the glazes have dried, you can either fire the pieces in your own home (if you are lucky enough to have your own personal kiln) or you can take their pieces to a local pottery workshop where they will fire the pieces for you.

If your kids get to be really advanced and seem to take an active interest in the pottery making, you should definitely try to get them some time working on a potter’s wheel. Your kids will feel so excited to have this great experience. If they are having some trouble working with the potter’s wheel, make sure they know how to center clay. This is an important skill when it comes to working with a potter’s wheel. Make sure that you observe your child’s attitude while working with the wheel. Some children absolutely love the wheel, while others simply can’t stand it.

So whatever level of clay sculpting your children may have, make sure to stand back and enjoy watching them work their creative muscles. There is nothing quite watching a young minds imagination at work. And while your child might outgrow whatever sculptures that they created and might want to throw them out, you will be guaranteed to keep them tucked away for that special memory.

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